Land Raider in the desert

Here is my Grey Knights Land Raider in the desert.

Land Raider

Originally planned to be a Grey Knights Land Raider, despite the iconography, I decided I would paint it as an Imperial Fists Land Raider

Land Raider

I used the same paint scheme I had used on my Deimos Pattern  Rhino. Originally for the basecoat I used Tausept Ochre. After retreiving the model from storage, the first thing I did was spray the underneath of the model with Citadel Zandri Dust. I gave the model a couple of light sprays of Army Painter Daemonic Yellow. I painted the weapon sub-assemblies. added detailing and painted the iconography. Then using various Citadel shades I washed and shaded the model. For the next stage I used some Citadel Layer Yriel Yellow. I took a large brush and gave the model, what I would call, a heavy drybrush.  The tracks for the Land Raider were painted, and the iconography was completed with washes and highlights. The finished tracks were then glued to the Land Raider with superglue.

See the full  workbench feature on the Land Raider.

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