Iconography on the Razorback

One model I got many years ago, well in 2006, was a Forgeworld Razorback the one with the much bigger turret, which I much prefer over the plastic kit version that you could get in the shops back then. I started this model back then, then out it in storage. I recently retrieved it from said storage and decided that I would try and finish painting it. I was using Tausept Ochre as the base coat, however having liked the paint scheme I was using on my Deimos-pattern Rhino, I decided that I would paint the Razorback in the same scheme.

Having sprayed the underneath of the model with Citadel Zandri Dust. I gave the model a basecoat of Army Painter Daemonic Yellow. This was followed with Leadbelcher for painting the exhausts and weaponry.

The next step was painting the iconography and purity seals. Purity seals were Ushabti Bone for the paper and Mephiston Red for the red wax.

For the brass etchings, I did consider painting these up, but in the end I painted them with a base coat of Warplock Bronze.

I had intended to use Sycorax Bronze, however my post of this was a little dried up… so I had to throw it away.

I did try out a wash on the main weaponry to see the effect it would have on the bronze painted iconography.

I also painted the door panels with Warplock Bronze.

This is the front of the Razorback.

I painted the front icon with Mechanicus Standard Grey aiming for a stone effect, after shading and drybrushing.

See the full workbench of the Razorback.

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