Iconography on the Inquisitorial Repressor

The Repressor tank is often used by Sisters of Battle as transport, and by the Adeptus Arbites in an anti insurgency role. I said  in a blog post back in 2004.

“I do like this model and I am intending to get one to use with my Daemonhunters army as a transport for the Storm Troopers”.

I did get one that Christmas as a present. Though I actually started building and painting this model back in 2007, I recently retrieved it from storage and decided that I would try and finish painting it. I realised I had made quite significant progress and it wouldn’t take too long to finish it off.

Having sprayed the model with Citadel Zandri Dust. I started the detailing, using Leadbelcher on the weapons and the exhausts. The next step was painting the iconography and purity seals.

I decided that I would go down the full inquisitorial look for the iconography, as opposed to doing stone or bronze on some of my other vehicles.

For the skull I used Ushabti Bone. Once shaded this will then be highlighted with more Ushabti Bone and then White Scar for the highlights.

I painted the inner part of the Inquisition symbol with Mephiston Red. The outer part was done with Retributor Armour. I was pleased with how this went and how it looks.

I painted the purity seals using Ushabti Bone for the paper and for the wax seals I used Mephiston Red.

For the eagle and Inquisitorial symbol on the back ramp I used Retributor Armour.

The next step will be shading the model.

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