Full Thrust

Nice to see one of my favourite rule sets of all time, Full Thrust available for free download.

I really liked the simplicity of Full Thrust and it was a really fun game.

Back in the 1990s I developed a set of Star Trek cards and rules for Full Thrust which were a lot of fun. I ran a fair few participation games at shows around the UK using Star Trek toys from MicroMachines.

Full Thrust is a science fiction strategy wargame written by Jon Tuffley and published by Ground Zero Games of England. It is usually played with miniature figurines representing imaginary starships, although cardboard chits representing the vessels can also be used. Unlike many games, the publishers encourage the use of any miniatures rather than only “official” ones, though Ground Zero Games does also sell an extensive miniature range.

They were first published in 1991 by Ground Zero Games with a second edition published in 1992.

They are available as free download from the GZG website.

Full Thrust

Full Thrust – Fleet Book 1

Full Thrust – Fleet Book 2

Star Trek Full Thrust

Over on the main site you can read the story behind Star Trek Full Thrust, a game based in the Star Trek universe that used the excellent Full Thrust rules.

So you can guess I was intrigued by the news from HeroClix that they are going to release a Star Trek game complete with miniatures.

USS Enterprise

Though I have never played Heroclix I did think that these “toys” would be great for Star Trek Full Thrust.

IKS Maht-H'a

When I have been to Forbidden Planet I have sometimes seen some useful models for Star Trek Full Thrust, so these new Heroclix models are additions to a range of possible miniatures.

Starship Comparison Chart

Starship Comparison Chart explains why some ships seem smaller.

If you have ever played our version of Star Trek Full Thrust (or Babylon 5 or Star Wars starship games) you will realise that there are two major issues, firstly getting models of the relevant ships and secondly getting ships which are in scale to each other.

The latter point is more difficult as often the ships would be of vastly different sizes to begin with.

A nice series of comparison charts can be found on this website.

Starship Comparison Chart

As you will see some ships are really tiny, really tiny.