Legions Imperialis Support Weapons

Two packs of Legion Imperialis support weapons will be going on pre-order this Saturday. One pack for the Solar Auxilia, and one for the Legion Astartes.

The Solar Auxilia pack includes Rapier batteries, Tarantula platforms w and the Cyclops remote-controlled bomb.

Solar Auxilia Support Weapons

While the Solar Auxilia are famed for the quality of their infantry and tanks, their fire support companies are invaluable when confronting tougher targets. The Solar Auxilia Support set includes a total of 40 weapons platforms and auxiliary assets loaded with firepower, including Rapier batteries mounting quad launchers, laser destroyers, and mole mortar arrays, Tarantula platforms with lascannons and Hyperios missile launchers, and the dreaded Cyclops remote-controlled bomb.

The Legion Astartes pack also has Rapier batteries, Dreadnoughts, and Tarantula platforms.

The Space Marines of the Horus Heresy also adopted the Rapier platform for their own support firepower, and deployed talons of dreadnoughts for long-range fire and close combat. The Legiones Astartes Support kit contains 24 miniatures, including Leviathan Dreadnoughts with storm cannons and cyclonic melta lances, Deredeo Dreadnoughts with Anvilus autocannon batteries and Hellfire plasma cannonades, Rapier batteries with quad launchers and laser destroyers, and Tarantula platforms with lascannons and Hyperios missile launchers.

I like the Legion Astartes pack.

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