Grey Knights Landspeeder

I am currently working on a Grey Knights Land Speeder for my Warhammer 40K Daemonhunters’ army.

I do realise that it is not in the Codex and there is not a lot of fluff to support such a model, however I do think it will look different.

I am using the Land Speeder which came with the original boxed set (as in third edition), purity symbols from ForgeWorld and a book and skull from the Inquisitor range.

The crew lower halves needed to be cut back as they were rounded and when the Grey Knight (metal models) are cut in half they will need a flat surface to stick to.

The Land Speeder weapon systems were “donated” to my Ork army to become a Loota unit.

The entire model was then sprayed black.

The base colour is Boltgun metal.

You can see I have painted more of the bodywork (in Boltgun Metal) and painted the Imperial Eagle in Burnished Gold with highlights. The Inquisitor Book has also had the edges painted in Burnished Gold.

The underneath has been drybrushed with Boltgun Metal and I may do some weathering on the engines later.

Though the crew legs still need painting, I have painted the instrument panel.

This shot shows how the model is coming together… still need to paint the crew!

All I have really done is paint some more of the bodywork, the legs and some more instrumentation.

I was pleased with the instrument panel.

There is till quite a bit to do, but I am really pleased with it so far.

I got it out the other day and finished off the basecoat which was done in Boltgun Metal. Basically I did the left wing and the engine compartment doors.

Grey Knights Land Speeder

The next stage was to do the purity seals. Having finished most of the metal bodywork on my Grey Knights Landspeeder I went and painted the purity seals using a Foundation Paint.

Grey Knights Landspeeder

It covered the black undercoat really well compared to normal Citadel colour. There are quite a few on the model, I used the resin purity seals available from Forgeworld rather than make my own. You can make your own using paper and green stuff for the seals, but the Forgeworld ones are much easier to use and I think much better than I could do.

Grey Knights Landspeeder

When I was editing the photographs for this blog entry I was quite pleased with the way the metal finish appeared (in close-up) on the Landspeeder body.

Grey Knights Landspeeder

This was done with Boltgun Metal. I still need to add some highlights. Having painted the paper parts of the purity seals on my Grey Knights Landspeeder I highlighted the seals with Bleached Bone and Skull White.

I then painted the wax seals. I used the red foundation paint for this (as I had used a black undercoat). I then highlighted the seals with normal Citadel Colour, Blood Red.

I will need to do the writing next. Having finished off the red wax on my Grey Knights Land Speeder I set about adding writing to the paper parts of the purity seals.

I used a watered down Chaos Black for the writing.

Grey Knights Landspeeder

I am okay with the end result, but would have liked to have done some finer writing, so I may try again.

I also took the opportunity to paint the Inquisitorial book on the front with a red foundation paint.

Grey Knights Landspeeder

This needs some tidying up as well. Having done the purity seals I painted the skulls with a light brown foundation paint, I will be highlighting these with bleached bones.

Grey Knights Landspeeder

Another view.

Grey Knights Landspeeder

it’s getting there, but I better get the crew done soon.

The first thing I did with the crew was give them a black undercoat. I am using two metal Grey Knight models.

I painted the armour with a base coat of Boltgun Metal.

This was followed with the gold metal parts been given a base coat of Brazen Brass.

I then started painting the base coats for the purity seals and other iconology on the Grey Knights.

I gave the purity seals a top coat of Bleached Bone and highlighted with white paint. I then added text and writing using a fine brush and thinned black paint.

Then (quite drastic really) I cut their legs off (using a razor saw).

You can now see how the crew for my Grey Knights Land Speeder actually look in the Land Speeder. Quite pleased with the model now.