Got some new toys…

Well with Christmas now over and the dust settling I can now take a look at my booty.

Simon very nice of him got me a couple of Grey Knight Terminators which will go nicely with my Librarian.

As well as those two, from the in-laws I got some Tallarn Imperial Guard (to use as I have already done as Inquisitorial Storm Troopers) and Space Marine Veterans (which will be used as the blister pack I got as Grey Knights).

My wife (thank you) got me the Masters of the Chapter boxed set, alas (or luckily) she actually got me two boxes… accidently. So one of those will be going back to be swapped, probably for some of the new Ork models.

No Forge World models, as their shipping delays put people off.

In all a very nice haul.

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