Grey Knights I

Here are the finished Grey Knights.

Grey Knights are the core troops of any Daemonhunters army. As with most Citadel Space Marins they came with plastic backpacks, and in the case of the “normal” marines the force halberds were separate. The models were glued together and the gaps on the bases was filled with green stuff.

As with most metal Space Marine models the backpacks are plastic.

They were originally sprayed black and missing bits were covered with Chaos Black.

They were then given a coat of Chainmal and a highlight of Mithril.

I then followed the advice of the Codex painting guide and gave them a thinned wash of blue ink, which in my mind didn’t work too well, but we’ll wait and see. The gold parts were painted with Burnished Gold.

The next stage was to highlight the gold areas and once dry and give these gold areas a wash of chestnut ink

One of the Grey Knights seemed to have deformed shoulder pad, so I have stuck a Forgeworld purity seal to cover the poor casting.

At this point I do think they are too shiny…

My original colour scheme for the Grey Knights in my Daemonhunters army was done as follows:

Black undercoat
Chainmail base coat
Thinned blue ink wash
Mithril highlights

However I was not happy with the results which looked too shiny.

Though I had followed the painting guide in the Codex there was one difference, I had used Chainmail and the guide recommended Boltgun metal. My local store had sold out of Boltgun, but I managed to get a pot the other day from a GW store and had a go at re-painting the Grey Knights and was much happier with the results.

They are now not as shiny but look more metallic.

I have also painted the wax seals on the purity seals, these were Scorched Brown witha red highlight.

I then painted the parchment of the purity seals with Bleached Bone, but I am not too happy with the result, so I will probably redo them. I also based the models using GW sand (this will be painted and drybrushed).

I painted the purity seals on my Grey Knights.

I used a light brown foundation paint for the paper of the seals and the red for the wax and then highlighted with normal Citadel colour.

I also took the opportunity to add some “burn” weathering to the flamer.

I have also been tidying up the armour connectors and painting them in Chaos Black over the drybrushed Boltgun Metal in order to make the armour look a little smarter and neater.

I am quite pleased with them now.

I have now done the bases for my Grey Knights. I painted the flocked (well sanded) bases with Bestial Brown and then drybrushed with Bleached Bone. After that I go over the edge of the slottabase again with Bestial Brown.

The individual Grey Knights.

They are now finished and will be appearing in the Miniatures Gallery soon and hopefully on the battlefield after that.