Favourite and least favourite models

On the EpiComm forums, one question asked was which are your favourite and which are your least favourite.

Here are my choices…

Infantry trooper – IG Codex Grey Infantry.
Light Vehicle – Ork Wartrakk (Epic40k version) though the metal Space Marine bike from SM1 was a close second, it’s probably as I have used the Wartrakk more in games.

Standard Tank – Leman Russ (Epic40K version), this was a difficult choice as I also really like the Epic40K Space Marine Vindicator and the Ork Bowelburna, Lungbursta were also in the running.

Super Heavy – Capitol Imperialis is I guess my fave, but I also like the E40K Imperial SHTs and Ork Battlefortresses

Fliers – Currently the E40K Ork Fighter Bomber, but I have some Forgeworld flyers in the post and I have yet to see the Landa in the flesh so this will probably change…

Titan (type and class) – Ork Great Gargant version 1 (all metal version from Space Marine)

Least favourite:
Infantry trooper – standard Ork Boyz, it’s just okay when it could have been so much improved for both E40K and EA, I am also not as fan of the Shooty Boyz.
Light Vehicle – Ork Plastic Buggy – ugh when I first saw it I didn’t realise it was a buggy, and was very disappointed with it!
Standard Tank – SM2 Vindicator, it’s just awful, no debate, just awful!
Super Heavy – Leviathan – was always way out of scale and never seemed to fit in with other models
Flier – Space Marine Thunderhawk (all versions but the first version was particularly awful)
Titan (type and class) – Mega-Gargant, though the Imperator Titan was a close second.

Forge World Sisters of Battle Repressor

This is a picture of the Forgeworld Sisters of Battle Repressor that I took at the recent Bristol Conflict event.

Though I do like the Witch Hunters army concept, as I still have quite a bit of work to do on my Daemonhunters army before I even start on a Witch Hunters army. Having said that I have always thought the Repressor is a really nice model and would make a decent transport for Inquisitorial Stormtroopers.

If I do get a Repressor I would probably add extra armour, but use homemade armour using mesh rather than the Forgeworld armour kits.

Also Forgeworld do make nice Inquisitorial doors for the Rhino which would work well on the Repressor.

Heavy Weapon Ork Buggies towing Big Gunz

Here are two Heavy Weapon Ork Buggies towing Big Gunz.

The Buggies have had their gunner replaced with a Flak weapon from a Flakwagon, whilst one of the Big Gunz is a conversion of a flak weapon from a Flakwagon).

The Buggies were given a black undercoat, dry-brushed with Tin Bitz and Chainmail, details were picked out in red and orks painted green.

The Gunz were given a white undercoat, the black elements (the tires) were painted first, before the rest of the model was painted red. They were then given a thinned chestnut ink wash.