Ork Skorcha

An Ork Skorcha and Wartrakk advanced over the red desert flats.

You can see how I converted and painted my Ork Skorcha. I was quite pleased with it when I had finished it, though since then I think I might need to take it back onto the workbench and do some more weathering. If I was to go through the process again I would distress the extra armour plates I added and give the model a more weathered and tired paint job.

Grot Bomb Launcha

I do like the Grot Bomb Launcha and my first (and so far only completed) model often takes part in my games as part of my Ork force. In this photograph (with my Skorcha behind it) it has already shot its Grot Bomb.

Grot Bomb Launcha having launched the Grot Bomb.
Grot Bomb Launcha having launched the Grot Bomb.

More often than not though, it does not really do anything significant, even with our house rule which allows it to reload!

Epic Kult of Speed

I can’t believe that my Epic 40000 Ork army is nearly ten years old now! I do have Epic models which are older, but I used them for Dirtside. It was Epic 40000 which I really liked as a ruleset for Epic.

Here are some of my Ork forces, part of a Kult of Speed, in the main buggies and wartrakks (though you can see a Skorcha in the background as well)

Epic Kult of Speed

They are moving through my ruined Imperial city terrain.

See more pictures of my Kult of Speed.

Fire up the Hellhound

Had a very good game last weekend and took some very nice pictures which I will endeavour to get online soon.

A typical game for me with my Orks versus Simon’s Imperial Guard, though different in another way as my force was very mechanised and his was very much infantry based with a Hellhound and a Medusa. Okay to call a Squiggoth mechanised is probably going a little too far, but I did have Wartrakks, Trukks, Killa Kanz, Dethkoptaz, a Gunwagon and a flying Ork Fighter-Bomma as well as the Squiggoth.

As per usual for our games we do take a bit of liberty with the rules changing things to make them more fun usually. One example pictured (below) is the use of the Apocalypse (large) flamer template for vehicle flame based weapons such as the Hellhound and Skorcha and use the smaller flamer template for handheld flamers.

It always struck myself and Simon bizarre that the Hellhound or the Ork Skorcha would use the same template as a hand flamer! Though they have different strengths, the amount of flame that a larger more powerful flamer can propel must (and should) be bigger than the amount of fire that a small hand flamer can. With a bigger flamer it will be hotter, taken into account with the higher strength, but more fire is also needed.
So in this game we did use the bigger template and we think the game worked better for it. Alas I didn’t get to have a go, as my Skorch was taken out quite early on.

More pictures and observations later…