Snakebitez Boar Boyz

I have made and painted some Boar Boyz for a Feral Ork force already and you can see how I made and painted those here.

Feral Ork Boar Boy

Having decided to make some more, unlike my other three Boars, for these models I also ordered some metal Cyboar heads from the old Snakebitez bitz range – this was before Games Workshop rationalised their online bitz store. So the Boars went together pretty easily. Though I had no tails! On the plastic boars, the tails are on the head sprue and I only ordered plastic boar bodies. Ah well out with the Green Stuff!

The models were given a white undercoat.


This is my favourite which has a lot of armour plates and cybernetics.


See the full workbench feature on these Boar Boyz.

Snakebitez Ork Boar Boyz

This week Games Workshop announced the release of some new Orc Boar Boyz for Warhammer Fantasy Battle.


Orc Boar Boyz are rough, tough and very determined. They ride into battle atop War boars – evil-minded creatures that will take every opportunity to maim, bite and kick the enemy of their Orc masters. Boar Boyz are the shock cavalry of an Orc and Goblin army, and they love nothing better that to gore, stamp and inflict damage on the enemy.

These are very nice looking plastic miniatures.

I can’t be the only Warhammer 40,000 Ork player looking at these new models and thinking time to add some Boar Boyz for my Feral Orks.


I have done this before with some other Warhammer Fantasy Orc Boar Riders.

Orks advance through the ruins of an Imperial City

Ork Deth Koptaz flying in low…

…over a ruined Imperial City.

Ork Warboss in Mega-Armour from Felix’s collection in the ruins of an Imperial City.

Ork Warboss in Mega-Armour from Felix's collection in the ruins of an Imperial City.

Orks attack through the ruins of an Imperial City. Note the crashed Deth Koptaz.

Boar Boyz┬áriding into (a ruined) town…


I have already got two painted BoarBoyz and I have started to model and paint another. I had already painted the boar and was intending to use the metal Warhammer Orc which I had bought, but in the end used the same plastic Orc legs from the Orc Warriors Command Sprue as the metal Warhammer Orc Boar rider was “too different” and in my mind would have looked out of place.

I wanted to give this rider a spear so decided to have the Shoota carried on the Ork’s back. Using green stuff I modelled a strap for the gun.

I am not that good with green stuff, but for a gaming model (this is no Golden Demon entry) it works for me.

Where’s the spear, well I haven’t stuck it on yet!