Snakebitez Boar Boyz

I have made and painted some Boar Boyz for a Feral Ork force already and you can see how I made and painted those here.

Feral Ork Boar Boy

Having decided to make some more, unlike my other three Boars, for these models I also ordered some metal Cyboar heads from the old Snakebitez bitz range – this was before Games Workshop rationalised their online bitz store. So the Boars went together pretty easily. Though I had no tails! On the plastic boars, the tails are on the head sprue and I only ordered plastic boar bodies. Ah well out with the Green Stuff!

The models were given a white undercoat.


This is my favourite which has a lot of armour plates and cybernetics.


See the full workbench feature on these Boar Boyz.

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