The finished model.

Wartrakk Skorcha’s are Ork Skorcha heavy flamethrowers mounted on a Wartrakk chassis. Consisting of a mounted tank of promethium, Wartrakk Skorcha’s specialize in incinerating the enemy with great sheets of flame. The crews of these vehicles are usually Burna Boyz for whom man-portable burnas just aren’t enough. Skorcha crew like nothing more than roaring out of nowhere towards the enemy line and then pulling a sharp turn, spraying great gouts of burning fuel all over their prey before disappearing in a cloud of choking fumes.

The Ork Skorcha is basically a Wartrakk with a fuel trailer and a small turret with a skorcha weapon.

Having got one for a present I decided to up-armour the thing and add some armour skirts from plasticard.

The armour sides were cut from 2mm thickplasticard, then thin “plates” of plasticard was added before thin slices of plastic rod were added for bolts.

Additional bolts were then also added to the mudguards.

I added a shield icon from the Warhammer Orc boxed set and converted the driver with bitz from the Ork Boyz sprue.

The model then looks like this once put together.

I think it needs to have the tracks lowered to raise the armoured part higher.

As with my Grot Bomb Launcha I decided to undercoat different bits white and some bits black.

Once undercoated the metal components were drybrushed with Tin Bitz and Boltgun Metal.

The main body will be a brown/orange colour with the metal parts in a dirty rusty metal colour. As you can see I have also done some of the driver, I have also virtually finished the Grot who sits on the trailer.

This photo shows the painted bodywork and the metal parts.

Ork Skorcha

The next stage was to give it a wash of Chestnut Ink, Scorched Brown and water.

Ork Skorcha

This accents the detail and I will then drybrush with Vomit Brown.

Ork Skorcha

This is the main part having being drybrushed.

Ork Skorcha

The driver is nearly done and the Grot Rigger is also nearly finished.

Ork Skorcha Driver

Grot Rigger for my Skorcha...

Here are pictures of the finished model.

Ork Skorcha

Ork Skorcha

Photographs of the finished model in scenic terrain and from a game.