Ork Stormboyz

These Ork Stormboyz were entered into the GamesDay 2009 Golden Demon awards.

Ork Stormboyz

Though they do look very nicely painted, the base in my opinion detracts from the miniatures. It’s too big and a little too busy, and the Orks blend too much into the base. Great for camouflage, but less useful for a painting competition where your miniatures do need to stand out more than normal.

Combine that with a busy cabinet and as a result you have some great looking models getting lost in the base and the cabinet.

Ork Stormboyz Nob

One of my Ork units I do like are my Stormboyz (even despite Simon calling them the Lipstick Boyz) however they are leaderless, until now!

Games Workshop do produce a Stormboyz Nob, however it is only available by mail order and not from their shops. So when I was up in Nottingham I did get the Stormboyz Nob when I visited Warhammer World. It is a nice model and will certainly give my Stormboyz mob a bit more punch.

Now I just need to start painting him to match my Stormboyz mob.

Full workbench feature on the Stormboyz Nob.

Ork Stormboyz

Tomorrow (17th January) sees the release of new plastic Ork Stormboyz.

Ork Stormboyz

Stormboyz, the shock troops of many successful warbands, dedicate their lives to the time honoured martial disciplines of drilling, marching and hurtling through the air. To this end they go to war strapped to rokkit packs that, when activated propel their wearers forward on great tongues of oily black flame.

I do like the new models which seem very Orky. Not sure if I am going to get any as I already have a mob of the old sort.