Forgeworld Ork Gunwagon Conversion

Wanted to use main weapons on Squiggoths…

Here is a potential conversion of the Forgeworld Epic Ork Gunwagon which has had the main weapon replaced by a Ork Buggy Gunner.

This is a very simple conversion which will look even better once it is painted.

I may add another gunner to the model to make it more “crowded”.

Variant Ork Army Lists (part three) – slightly damp…

Another idea I have had based on this French Golden Demon entry.

The idea is a brown water riverine force. Lots of landing craft, small patrol boats and monitors.

Ork Landing Craft from my website.

Ork Riverine Monitors from my website (work in progress).

In case anyone doesn’t know what I am talking about, here is an excellent web article on Vietnam War Riverine Craft.


Download in PDF format.

The best chapter, as in the one with the most pics is chapter two.

Sisters of Battle Exorcist

When I was at Bristol Conflict, one of the nice things is the fact you can buy stuff which has not been released yet. One item caught my eye, which was the Sisters of Battle Exorcist.

Though I prefer the Forgeworld version, which looks more militaristic, the GW version has a certain charm and you certainly get a lot in the box.

The side panels are particularly nice and well sculptured.

Squigargant – living Gargant

It’s big and huge and mean and nasty…

This is a long term project which is taking some time to put together.

Using a WEG Star Wars Rancor 25mm model I am making a living Ork Gargant.

The model does look like a giant Ork monster of some kind and bears some resemblance to the Squiggoth.

It is my intention to add a howdah and add weapons to the arms of this giant beast.

This is really a mock-up to give some idea of scale and final look.

Bristol Conflict

Went to Bristol Conflict today and though there were some great looking games, I was very disappointed with the availability of miniatures.

There were some pre-release miniatures, in the main Storm of Chaos, however the Forgeworld stand seemed to have about three models… and the Specialist Games stand had very little of the new Epic Armageddon miniatures around.

Still I had a good time.