Epic Imperial Cathedral

One of my favourite pieces of scenery has to be the Epic Cathedral from Forgeworld.

I like the fact it is based on the ruins from the Epic40K boxed set and therefore fits in well not just with the other Forgeworld buildings, but also the ruins. Other bits are from the Imperator Titan which adds to the Imperial feel of the building.

It is a hefty piece of resin and certainly dominates the battlefield.

American Empire – Harry Turtledove

Just finished the third book in the trilogy…

I have just finished reading The Victorious Opposition and I am about to purchase the next in the series, Return Engagement, which has just been published in the USA and available in the UK from Amazon.

You can purchase the UK edition in October (which has a much better cover in my opinion).

I am a bit of a fan of Turtledove, but didn’t enjoy American Empire as much as previous books until I read the final part of the trilogy which was very exciting and riveting. Glad in one way I left it a bit before I read it, as I have not needed to wait for the start of the sequel trilogy.

Epic Scale Grot Bomb Launcha

I still really like this conversion I did… I actually did this conversion some time ago.

However it still remains one of my favourite conversions. I do wonder if Forgeworld will ever release an Epic version of their own 40K scale modem, but they seem to take an age to produce Epic Ork models.

You can see how I made the conversion here.

Built Forgeworld Epic Squiggoth

Glued all the little pieces together…

I have (following the pictures on the Forgeworld website) glued my Epic Squiggoth together.

It came together relatively easily and it helped having a picture reference especially when it came to sticking the gun platform on.

It is a very well detailed model and full of character.

Extra Large Ork Landa

Now here’s a way of getting lots of Orks on the ground…

I was thinking about the Defence Force and about having some aircraft or ships larger than the ones sold by Forgeworld (and GW) and have thought about for some time a large Ork Heavy Bomber converted from the FW Imperial Maurauders.

I also like the Landa concept from Epic Armageddon though I think the model is somewhat too small (hopefully FW will bring out a “bigger” in scale version).

I also noticed the resemblance between the Landa and the Rebel Transport in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

Large Rebel Transport

As I purchased many moons ago the AMT/ERTL Hot Base kit which comes with an approximate 1/200th scale model kit of the Rebel Transport, I got thinking. It would make a great Extra Large Landa (or should that be a Big Landa in Ork speak).

I had thought originally about using the Transport as an Imperial Transport, but the more I look at it the more I keep thinking Ork Landa…

Clear the runway…

I have been thinking about making an Ork Airfield as a terrain board complete with wrecks, flak emplacements, huts, hangars, towers and other bitz and pieces.

Though my terrain is in the main green, I think I may go for a desert feel as this is more akin to how I feel about the Ork Airfield Defence Force.

Now can I find the time to get this part of the project started!