Legion Medusa

Legion Medusa
Legion Medusa at Warhammer World

One of the heavy artillery units available to the Legiones Astartes is the Medusa, which carries a short ranged but extremely powerful siege mortar capable of breaching all but the thickest walls. When a breach has been secured, the Medusa will then rumble forwards to support the assault, levelling buildings with a single shell.

Forge World Armoured Medusa

One of the nice things that I remember from attending GamesDay 2008 (was it really five years ago) were the wonderful Forge World display cabinets.

This model of the Armoured Medusa Armageddon Pattern was one of the many finely painted miniature armoured fighting vehicles on display.

Forge World Armoured Medusa Armageddon Pattern

One of the reasons I went around GamesDay 2008 taking photographs was to use the pictures as painting references and for ideas when painting my own models.

There are two key aspects of this model that have helped me paint, as it happens, my Ork models. Firstly the rust effect, in the main I think I would use a toned down method for rust. I also really like the cannon barrel, which I think would work really well on an Ork weapon.

It’s interesting to see that this model has no markings, one of the things you see on other Imperial Guard models is a range of markings, apart from the Imperial Aquila, there are no other markings.

Overall I do find the Forge World models quite inspiring and certainly help me to paint and model.