Black Templar Cenobyte with Relic

I have always liked this model, but wasn’t sure a) where it came from, b) what it was called, so I could never find it in the stores or on the online store.

It was only recently when reading through an old White Dwarf that I saw it was part of the Black Templars Chaplain Grimaldus and Retinue Boxed Set.

So now I knew which boxed set it came from, I could work out what it was called and find it in the online store. It is available either as part of a boxed set or individually. As I wasn’t too bothered about the other miniatures in the boxed set I purchased it individually through Mail Order.

I will be using it as part of my Inquisitorial retinue.

Having cleaned the model I based it with GW modelling sand.

See the full workbench feature on the Black Templar Cenobyte with Relic.

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