A Squiggoth is the largest species of Squigs, a form of ravenous Orkoid creature used by Orks as food and pack animals. Squiggoths are most commonly used by pre-industrial Feral Orks, but can be found among their more technologically advanced spacefaring counterparts as well. However, this variety of Squig is just as capable as a weapon, and can sow devastation in its wake as it transports Ork Boyz and their weapons across the battlefield.

This is the Forge World resin Squiggoth.

The model was washed, cleaned and primed. The armour and chains were painted black, and then drybrushed with Tin Bitz and a subtle drybrush of Boltgun Metal.


At this point the armour is nearly finished, it needs some more “rust” and “oil” on it, which will be achieved with orange paint and brown ink. The skin of the Squiggoth is just plain Catachan Green at the moment.

It is a very impressive model, and even with individual chains, it is still only in the main a one piece casting. I really like the armour in this shot, and it really looks good.

The next stage was to finish all the green skin and move onto the mouth.

The mouth was given a wash of thinned purple and then highlighted with a mix of purple and Bleached Bone.

The skin was highlighted with a mix of Catachan Green and Camo Green with highlights of Camo Green. I am intending to give the model an ink wash.

The tusks, the claws and the mouth then given a wash of Brown Ink and then highlighted with Bleached Bone.

The model is now virtually finished.

I have also decided to add a gunner to the Squiggoth (taken from a spare Wartrakk gunner).

Photographs of the Squiggoth in action.

Ork Squiggoth

More photographs – Squiggoth