Grot Big Gunz

This is my battery of Grot Big Gunz Kannons from a recent game (hiding behind some cover).

In the new Ork Codex, these Big Gunz are now much better at hitting things.
Grotz in the new Codex now have a BS of 3 making their base to hit roll a 4+ which is one better than their bigger Ork cousins.

The only downside to the new Big Gunz rules is that Zzap Guns no longer automatically hit (according to the letter of the rules) and as they cost more points and have an average strength lower than Kannons, are not longer a real option anymore.

I am hoping the imminent Ork Codex FAQ will clarify the Zzap Gun rules.

Big Gunz Grot Krew

When you get a Big Gunz blister you only get two krew. In my games I have found two krew is not really enough to last the game, so I now try and have as many as possible. I have been using standard grot models, but I have had some spare models hanging around for a while on my workbench so I decided to paint them up.

I started with a white undercoat, I usually use a black undercoat with my Orks, but as Grots are meant to be a lighter shade of green than Orks, I start off them with white.

I then give them a base coat of Goblin Green.

I also paint any metallic equipment black to give a better look when I add the metallic paint.

I then highlight them with Scorpion Green, I use to use Bilious green, however my last pot dried up and Games Workshop no longer make it. The Scorpion Green is very similar and does the same job.

I also highlight them again with a mix of Scorpion Green and yellow.

Uniforms are shades of brown to represent the rags they wear and to differentiate them from the Orks who wear grey. I also use Boltgun Metal for the metal parts.

Eyes are painted black with a red eye, whilst teeth and nails are done with Bleached Bone.

Bases will be the same as for my Orks, Codex Grey with a white drybrush.

My workbench shows details on painting the Big Gunz themselves.

Latest Game

One of the disadvantages of playing a 1500pt game on a small table…

Game of Warhammer 40K

…is that it gets rather crowded.

Played Take and Hold and it was very close, but in the end my Orks just managed to win.

Highlights of the game: a Medusa taking out a unit of Burnaboyz in just one shot; the battery of Big Gunz actually hitting something (they have been practicing).