Big Gunz Krew

Big Gunz are Ork field artillery units, commonly crewed by Gretchin.

They are usually large guns mounted in a cannon-style, wheeled for transport and low to the ground so their Gretchin crews can access them. This concept was no doubt copied from encounters with Imperial artillery units, but Big Guns teams are far less disciplined then their Imperial counterparts. Big Gunz are used to pound enemy lines into submission and destroy enemy vehicles from a distance as Boyz close in.

They are often used in groups and have a single team of gretchin crewing up to three of the guns at once under the supervision of a Runtherd. Grots commonly fear the prospect of being included into Big Gun crews and some Runtherds often use the threat of serving in a Big Gunz battery to to keep the rebellious Grots in line.

You can find out about the Big Gunz as well.

For Orks I use black, for Gretchin and Grots I use a white undercoat as it usually results in a lighter look for the Grots and a darker look for the Orks.

Once the white undercoat is done, the skin tones are painted in Goblin Green.

Equipment and weapons are then painted black.

Generally I prefer to flock “early” so that the undercoat “seals” the flock in (as with the models at the top of the page). However some of these models they were flocked late!

The next stage is to highlight with Bilious Green and drybrush the tools with Boltgun Metal. Cloth areas are painted brown.

Originally I had been using Bilious Green with my Grots. However I have encountered one issue which is Games Workshop now no longer make Bilious Green. So I have swapped to Scorpion Green which looks similar. The base Goblin Green was highlighted with Scorpion Green.

This is a closeup of two of the Grots.

I then mixed the Scorpion Green with Blazing Yellow for a final highlight.

This is a closeup of two of the Grots. The telescope was painted black and then painted with Boltgun Metal. The shell has been painted Boltgun Metal, the casing will be brass.

This is a closeup of two more of the Grots.

I painted the shell casings.

I used Brazen Brass for the shell casings.

Clothing is done in various hues of brown and I paint their eyes red.

The bases were painted Codex Grey and then dry brush with Skull White.

Here are the finished Grot Krew in action.

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