Big Gunz Grot Krew

When you get a Big Gunz blister you only get two krew. In my games I have found two krew is not really enough to last the game, so I now try and have as many as possible. I have been using standard grot models, but I have had some spare models hanging around for a while on my workbench so I decided to paint them up.

I started with a white undercoat, I usually use a black undercoat with my Orks, but as Grots are meant to be a lighter shade of green than Orks, I start off them with white.

I then give them a base coat of Goblin Green.

I also paint any metallic equipment black to give a better look when I add the metallic paint.

I then highlight them with Scorpion Green, I use to use Bilious green, however my last pot dried up and Games Workshop no longer make it. The Scorpion Green is very similar and does the same job.

I also highlight them again with a mix of Scorpion Green and yellow.

Uniforms are shades of brown to represent the rags they wear and to differentiate them from the Orks who wear grey. I also use Boltgun Metal for the metal parts.

Eyes are painted black with a red eye, whilst teeth and nails are done with Bleached Bone.

Bases will be the same as for my Orks, Codex Grey with a white drybrush.

My workbench shows details on painting the Big Gunz themselves.

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