Drybrushing the Grot Bommers for Aeronautica Imperialis

I have been working on my Grot Bommers for Aeronautica Imperialis. The Grot Bommers are one of my favourite planes from Aeronautica Imperialis.

Having constructed the models I gave them a white undercoat. This was then followed by a base coat of Blood Angels Red contrast paint.

I did quite a thick coat, though reading round the use of contrast paints, two or more thinner coats would have been better. Something to do in the future with future models and contrast paints. I am even tempted to repaint my Adeptus Astartes flyers.

After touching up bits of the model that I had missed, I then gave the models a drybrush of Astorath Red dry paint to bring out the highlights and this actually toned down some of the dark patches I had by using the contrast paint.

The second of the two Grot Bommers.

Next stage will be adding the detailing before washing the model.

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