Ork Gunwagon

I’ve always liked the Ork Gunwagon, which was one of the first Forge World models that was released and was one of the first that I purchased. After a while Forge World started releasing them with bigger more powerful weapons.

This is a Forge World Gunwagon with Big Shoota

Ork Gunwagon

Another Forge World Ork Gunwagon, this one is armed with Big Zzappa

Ork Gunwagon

From the Display Cabinets at GamesDay.

Ork Looted Rhino Gunner

I am quite pleased with my Looted Ork Rhino  but still have a fair bit to do.

One of the things it does need is some weaponry, this was an attempt to add an Ork Gunner with Big Shoota.

Alas it doesn’t work for me. It looks like the Ork’s firing his Shoota at aircraft rather than at enemy Imperial Guard. I will be revisiting the Gunner at a later date.

Ork with Big Shoota

This is one of my conversions, an Ork with a Big Shoota. The Ork has had his Shoota extended with barrel of another Shoota to make a Big Shoota.

I started off with a black undercoat and then do all the metallic bitz with a drybrush of tin bitz and chainmail. I then do all the Ork skin with a dark green, usually Snot Green.

Ork with Big Shoota

I then highlighted with Goblin Green before doing final highlights with a mixture of Goblin Green and Bleached Bone.

Ork with Big Shoota

Still some way to go…

Orks with Heavy Weapons Conversions

Orks with Heavy Weapons Conversions using plastic components to make Orks with big shootaz and rokkit launchaz.

In my previous post I showed the metal Orks with Heavy Weapons.

I have also done some conversions using the plastic models and various components.

Here is a rokkit launcha based on my previous conversion which uses a standard shoota and a grenade from the metal Stormboyz sprue. It is next to the metal Rokkit launcha Ork.

I have also convered some Big Shoota models. The left model uses the Big Shoota from an Ork Warbike, whilst the middle Ork uses two standard Shootaz stuck together. The model on the right is the metal Big Shoota Ork.

Here are the conversions undercoated.

Next stage is to paint them…

Wartrakk Gunner

Wartrakk Gunner for a Trukk or Squiggoth…

If you get an Ork Skorcha or Grot Bomb Launcha, you also get as a result a spare Gunner.

This is one I am in the process of painting up.

 Wartrakk Gunner

I am going to use it on either a Trukk or my Squiggoth.

It is a pity that the rules/codex don’t allow you to use more twin-linked Big Shootas.

Orks with Twin Big Shootas

Forgeworld weapon systems…

I have started putting together my Orks with Forgeworld Twin Big Shootas.

They are very nice resin pieces.

Though they are designed as weapon systems for Forgeworld vehicles, it would be nice if they also allowed you to use them as standalone heavy weapons by including a ground mount.

I may scratchbuild some ground mounts allowing my Orks to have additional heavy weapons on the ground rather than just attached to the vehicles.

What do you mean it is not in the Codex…. it doesn’t matter.