Orks with Heavy Weapons Conversions

Orks with Heavy Weapons Conversions using plastic components to make Orks with big shootaz and rokkit launchaz.

In my previous post I showed the metal Orks with Heavy Weapons.

I have also done some conversions using the plastic models and various components.

Here is a rokkit launcha based on my previous conversion which uses a standard shoota and a grenade from the metal Stormboyz sprue. It is next to the metal Rokkit launcha Ork.

I have also convered some Big Shoota models. The left model uses the Big Shoota from an Ork Warbike, whilst the middle Ork uses two standard Shootaz stuck together. The model on the right is the metal Big Shoota Ork.

Here are the conversions undercoated.

Next stage is to paint them…

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