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new aerial game coming soon…


It’s been a few weeks since our last Forge World Newsletter and for that I apologise. We’ve been to six events in three different countries over the past number of weeks so I haven’t been around that much! It won’t be long till we’re off out again as Forge World will be at three more big events in the UK, USA and Germany in the near future. More details on each of these shows below.
As to new models and things to look forward to, we have news and details on some new pieces of 40K Cities of Death scenery and a new kind of Tau Drone too. But of course our main news item is Forge World’s forthcoming game, ‘Aeronautica Imperialis’, read on!

Ewen Little,
Forge World.

‘Aeronautica Imperialis’
So what is it then? ‘Aeronautica Imperialis’ is the name of our new game of aerial combat in the 41st millenium currently in development. It is a complete, stand alone game using the existing Forge World Epic 40,000 aircraft range, with additional new models we are now working on. ‘Aeronautica Imperialis’ is far more than just dog-fighting; there will be bombing missions, intercept sorties, troop insertions and extractions, strike missions, as well as pure air-to-air, fighter-vs-fighter combat. ‘Aeronautica Imperialis’ will be a large format hardback book, containing all the rules, aircraft datasheets, manouvere cards and scenarios needed to play the game. Of course there will be lots of background information on each of the aircraft in this big book, as well as many colour profiles and ‘photos’ of them locked in deadly combat. Imperial Navy players will be able to fly missions using Thunderbolts, Lightnings, Marauders and Marauder Destroyers. Imperial Space Marines provide some heavy support with their huge Thunderhawk Gunships and Transporters while facing off against the fighters and bombers of the Tau, Eldar, Orks and Chaos. We’ve also designed a new plastic flying base for the aircraft to use that cleverly shows arcs of fire as well as keeping track of the speed and altitude too. I’ve watched quite a few games now and played a couple during play-testing and I really enjoyed it. Each of the different airforces do have their own ‘character’ and have to be used in quite different ways. Just don’t let an Ork Fighta get up close behind you is all I can say! ‘Aeronautica Imperialis’ should be released later this year and we promise to keep everyone up to date with it’s progress via the Forge World Newsletter.

Tau DX-4 Technical Drones

Here’s a characterful little addition to the Tau forces; DX-4 Technical Drones. Designed by Mark Bedford, these new Drones can easily be used in Cities of Death games to mark the Tau Observation Point or Medicae facility Stratagems. Another idea is to use them to represent Tau Infantry Wargear. Place one or two Technical Drones alongside a Tau Battlesuit with hardwired wargear to show the addition of its’ Blacksun Filter, Drone Controller, Multi-Tracker or Target Lock. It has also been suggested that attaching them to squads of Tau infantry would nicely help mark the unit as Combat Engineers. Really, uses for the DX-4 Technical Drones are as many and varied as your imagination. Packs of two DX-4 Technical Drones will be released from week commencing July 31st and are avaliable to pre-order right now.

Cities of Death – Power Generator
You may have noticed that a new section appeared within the Forge World online store about two weeks ago, a section dedicated to Cities of Death. We looked through the new book and our range of models together to find models and kits that would best represent as many of the Stratagems as possible. A couple of pieces we noticed that would work really nicely to make the Power Generator or Imperial Observation Point Stratagems were this generator we made for our Anphelion Project range and the Cadian Scanner from the Command HQ Squad released a few weeks ago. Both these models are available to pre-order now and are scheduled for release from Monday July 31st onwards.
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Cities of Death – Observation Point

All the Observation Points are just a click away…

The War and Peace Show 2006

Held every year at The Hop Farm down in Beltring, Kent, The War and Peace Show is the world’s largest military vehicle and collectors fair. With over 3000 military vehicles on display, from Jeeps all the way up to 60 ton tanks, living history re-enactors, massive arena events and over 1000 trade stalls, there is a HUGE amount to see and do at this 5 day show. The fun starts on Wednesday July 19th and carries on until the evening on Sunday July 23rd. It goes without saying that Forge World will be there again this year. We have a large tent that we will be stuffing full of stock and display models as well as our very own tank that will be sitting right outside. That’s right, we will be taking our 1/6th scale radio controlled Baneblade with us and it will be rumbling around throughout the week and right through the weekend. Come and have a good look at the biggest and heaviest Forge World model ever made. If you would like us to bring down an order for you to collect at this show, just give us a call and we’ll help make it happen.
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Games Day Chicago and Games Day Germany

Saturday July 29th will see me over in the USA for Games Day Chicago and just a few days later, I will be thundering off over to Cologne for Games Day Germany on Sunday August 6th. If you are going to be coming to either of these very busy shows and want to buy some Forge World models, I really can recommend placing a reservation order.

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