What next for Aeronautica Imperialis?

Aeronautica Imperialis Logo

I’ve enjoyed painting my Aeronautica Imperialis models and even I am impressed that I have managed to build, undercoat and paint them in a relatively short timeframe. I did my Valkyrie Assault Carrier in a week! I would usually take a few years to paint them (if at all….).

I started to think about which models I would get next, and that got me thinking what we have seen that still needs to be released and also what could be released in the future and what I would like to see in the future as well.

Some of these are obviously core Games Workshop releases, some could be plastic kits and I think others might be Forge World models or upgrades to plastic kits.

Forge World have released some kits for Adeptus Titanicus, such as weapon upgrades, new titans and scenery. I would like to think that they would do something similar for Aeronautica Imperialis.

What I might get next?

So, there are now quite a few released models for Aeronautica Imperialis, Ork, Imperial and now T’au aircraft. I bought Wings of Vengeance, so I already have Ork Dakkajets, Fighta Bommerz as well as Imperial Thunderbolts and Marauders. I also bought a box of Valkyrie Assault Carriers.  I was lucky enough to find a box of Ground Assets recently, so I have those as well.

The obvious answer for me is a pair of Grot Bommerz. I do like the concept of these, though I am not a big fan of the actual models, but Orks is Orks, so they are next on my shopping list.

Aeronautica Imperialis Ork flyers from Warhammer World

If I get those then I might get the Heavy Ork Bommerz as well. Continue reading “What next for Aeronautica Imperialis?”

Ork Landa

At GamesDay 2007 in the Gaming Club Network display cabinets was this 28mm Ork Landa.

Ork Landa

I do like the concept of the Ork Landa and really like the Epic model. It would be nice if Forge World produced an Ork Landa model, with the fact they already produce the huge Tau Manta it shouldn’t be an impossible model to make.

I have been thinking for some time about making my own Ork Landa for my Warhammer 40K Ork forces, but kind of never really got around to it.

Landa coming in…

I have worked some more on my Landa.

First I added a base coat of Desert Yellow.

Epic Ork Landa

I then painted various panels different shades of brown, light and dark.

I then gave it a light wash of watered down Chestnut Ink with some Bestial Brown in.

Epic Ork Landa

As you can see I still have a few white holes in the “rivets” where both the original base coat and wash failed to penetrate.

Epic Ork Landa

The next stage is to drybrush out the gloss of the ink wash and fill in those holes.

Ork Landa

I have made a little bit of progress with my Landa.

I have blacked out all the metal parts and then drybrushed with Tin Bitz.

Ork Landa

In this close-up shot you can see the detail in the sculpturing, though some of those *rivets* would be a few feet wide!

Ork Landa

Having drybrushed with Tin Bitz, a light drybrush of Boltgun Metal to bring out the metal parts.

Ork Landa

Another view.

Ork Landa

The next stage is to paint it in Desert Yellow.