Ork forces in the desert

Here is a group shot of my desert style Ork vehicles.

Ork armoured vehicles on the move

There are a real mix of old and new models, metal and resin.

As you can see I have followed *fashion* and I have based the miniatures which has its advantages and disadvantages.

Epic Ork Trukks

I have since photographing these got some more brown paints from GW so I can continue the brown theme but maintain a distinctness between the vehicles.

Landa coming in…

I have worked some more on my Landa.

First I added a base coat of Desert Yellow.

Epic Ork Landa

I then painted various panels different shades of brown, light and dark.

I then gave it a light wash of watered down Chestnut Ink with some Bestial Brown in.

Epic Ork Landa

As you can see I still have a few white holes in the “rivets” where both the original base coat and wash failed to penetrate.

Epic Ork Landa

The next stage is to drybrush out the gloss of the ink wash and fill in those holes.

Ork Landa

I have made a little bit of progress with my Landa.

I have blacked out all the metal parts and then drybrushed with Tin Bitz.

Ork Landa

In this close-up shot you can see the detail in the sculpturing, though some of those *rivets* would be a few feet wide!

Ork Landa

Having drybrushed with Tin Bitz, a light drybrush of Boltgun Metal to bring out the metal parts.

Ork Landa

Another view.

Ork Landa

The next stage is to paint it in Desert Yellow.


Here are two more Junkatrukks for my Feral Ork army, which will also be used as vehicles for my Ork Airfield Defence Force…


I know they could do with some detailing and maybe the odd glyph or two…

The models were painted vomit brown and then given an ink wash.

Before I would use a plain ink wash, but after reading an article on Dropship, I added some Scorched Brown to the ink and water mix and as a result the finished models are not as glossy as when I have used an ink wash.

The models were then drybrushed with the original base coat to highlight and to matt down the slight glossness caused by the wash.

Ork Airfield Defence Force* airfield vehicles

Here are a couple of the Ork Airfield Defence Force airfield vehicles.

Ork Airfield Defence Force airfield vehicles

The role of these vehicles is to support the function of the Flyboyz, but they are armed with light weapons and/or AAA weapons.

One of the models is armed with a flak weapon from a Flakwagon. The other is towing a Big Gunz trailer with two bombs (lifted from a FW Ork Bomma).

I am using the same basing structure as my Feral Orks to allow the models to be used with either army.

* I know a more Orkish name would be more in keeping with the fluff…