Ork Landa

At GamesDay 2007 in the Gaming Club Network display cabinets was this 28mm Ork Landa.

Ork Landa

I do like the concept of the Ork Landa and really like the Epic model. It would be nice if Forge World produced an Ork Landa model, with the fact they already produce the huge Tau Manta it shouldn’t be an impossible model to make.

I have been thinking for some time about making my own Ork Landa for my Warhammer 40K Ork forces, but kind of never really got around to it.

One thought on “Ork Landa”

  1. As the owner of that “thing”, it was relativly easy to make, also a bit different to the Gargants and “Scratchbuilt” T-hawks out their

    Now to finish my Ork “big bomma” 40k scale 🙂

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