Fifteen Dice!

So there I was looking at the Macharius with Vulcan Mega Bolter on the Forgeworld site, when I thought I would have a look at the rules for the Vulcan Mega Bolter (partly as Simon had mentioned that if he was going to get a Macharius he would get the one with the Vulcan Mega Bolter).

Macharius with Vulcan Mega Bolter

Imagine my surprise (and horror) when I looked at the stats.

Strength 6

Okay not so bad, but good enough to glance or penetrate Orky armour.

Range 60″

That’s a long way, basically the length of our average table we use for gaming, so no worries about not hitting anything on the table (unless there is something in the way).

AP 3

Well that means no saving throws for virtually everything I have.

Heavy 15


Heavy 15


Fifteen dice for each shot.

I am not 100% sure but initially I thought the Vulcan Mega Bolter was twin-linked, but according to the PDF it isn’t.

Not that that makes a huge difference.

Hoping Simon will buy another Dreadnought instead.

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