A chance purchase

Having decided to take the plunge into the world Aeronautica Imperialis with the Wings of Vengeance boxed set, before it was replaced with the Skies of Fire I did take a look at the new releases that arrived with Skies of Fire. I then took a look back across the Warhammer Community site to see what releases I missed when Wings of Vengeance was launched.

I did quite like the look of the Aeronautica Imperialis Imperial and Ork Ground Assets.

Add a new dimension to your games of Aeronautica Imperialis with this handy set of ground assets to support your Imperial Navy and Ork Air Waaagh!

However doing a search of the GW UK website store didn’t turn it up, and most of my usual suppliers of GW stuff were either out of stock or wasn’t even listed.

So I was resigned to not getting a set…

It is listed on some overseas GW websites, so I did wonder if it was going to come back into stock.

Then I “discovered” a box in my local games store. I didn’t know that this store even existed until recently! It was only checking to see when my local Games Workshop store in Bristol was going to re-open that I found that I had two local games stores, one I knew about and they were still closed, the other was completely unknown to me. I guess without searching explicitly for a local games store, how would I know? When travelling across the country I usually search for places, but hadn’t for my own town. I must have missed that somehow. However they re-opened on the 15th and I decided to both check them out and get some paints. Once there with the Necromunda’ish black and yellow tape social distancing across the floor I had a look to see what they had in store. I hadn’t intended to buy anything else, but as I reached down to buy a box of Grot Bommerz, I saw that they had the Imperial and Ork Ground Assets box. That I was going to have! Oh and I got it at a discount as well. Awesome.

In the box you get a single plastic sprue with all the models on it.

The set contains the following plastic terrain tokens:

      • 2x Manticore Missile Battery
      • 4x Hydra Flak Battery
      • 2x Imperial bunker (ground target)
      • 4x Flak Platform
      • 2x ‘Eavy Flak Kannon
      • 2x Ork bunker (ground target)
      • 2x Landing zone marker
      • 12x Numerical marker

Well pleased.

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