Painting the Big Zzappa

I have been digging through my workbench models and realised I had a fair few Forge World Ork Weapons.

I have the Big Zzappa.

Zzap weapons are a special type of weapon exclusive to the technical knowledge of the Orks. They are roughly analogous to Ork laser weapons, however describing them as lasers is a bit of a stretch. In a weird way, they share more in common to the Imperium’s lightning gun (a special type of las weaponry that causes electrical aftershocks) than tried and true laser. However, it could be deemed that the Zzap weapons uses some kind electromagnetic beams to mimic a laser.

The Big Zzappa is a heavier and more potent version of the Zzap Gun that shares its advantages, has longer range and is even more unpredictable when fired. It is mounted on heavier Ork vehicles such as Gunwagons, Big Trakks or Battle Fortresses.

I would usually paint this black and then drybrush, but I am now thinking I might more go along the same technique I used on my Ork Fight Bommer jet engine.

I have both volumes of the Forge World Masterclass books and they are a real inspiration and full of ideas and techniques for painting and weathering models. I wanted to try and emulate some of those techniques on the engine of the Ork Bommer.

I decided that I would paint the Big Zzappa with Leadbelcher, now that Boltgun Metal is no longer available.

The main energy aspect will be painted blue to represent glowing power!

I think I might copy some of the steampunk aspects from this Forge World display model.

Forge World Ork Gunwagon with Big Zappa

Here are some of the Grot Krew.

I gave the krew of the Big Zappa a coat of Ork Flesh contrast paint.

I added some highlights to the Grots using Warboss Green.

I then used Citadel Dry paint, Niblet Green to add highlights. I then did further highlights using Hexos Palesun.

Their equipment and tools were painted with Leadbelcher.

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