KillKannon Grot Krew

I have been digging through my workbench models and realised I had a fair few Forge World Ork Weapons.

One model I have purchased was an Ork KilKannon. I am intending to use it with my Ork vehicles.  I decided that I would paint the main KillKannon with Leadbelcher, now that Boltgun Metal is no longer available.

Having sent off for some of this Leadbelcher paint, I also included the Ork Flesh Contrast Paint in my order, as I was interested to see how these would work for my Orks. In a test I decided to paint the Krew of my Forge World Ork heavy weapons with the contrast paint.

I have to say I was quite impressed with the results on only a single coat.

Here are some of the other Grot Krew, which I will use the same process for.

I then added some highlights to the Grot using Warboss Green initially and then a mix of Warboss Green with Flash Gitz Yellow.

For the nails and teeth, I used Ushabti Bone and then added highlights using white paint.

Here are the other two krew using the Ork Flesh contrast paint.

I added some highlights to the Grots using Warboss Green.

I then used Citadel Dry paint, Niblet Green to add highlights. I then did further highlights using Hexos Palesun. These are the three Krew, the one on the left is further ahead.

I painted the equipment of the Grotz with Leadbelcher.

I then painted their nails with Ushabti Bone.

See the workbench feature on the KillKannon.


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