That’s not just big, that’s mega!

In my blog post about what next for Aeronautica Imperialis I said

could we see a huge Ork bomber or transport aircraft?

I didn’t think we would see one, well we now have a new huge Ork aircraft for Aeronautica Imperialis.

Ork Mega Bommer

The Ork Air Waaagh! Mega Bommer is a 61 piece resin kit (from Forge World) that is the biggest model (so far) for the game.

If you thought the Eavy Bommers were big enough, you don’t deserve to call yourself an Ork. Obsessed Mekboys constantly compete to create the biggest and shootiest aircraft around. The Mega Bommer is the extreme end of that line of thinking. 

In addition to its sheer size, the Mega Bommer is a wonderfully unsubtle design – all wings and bombs and guns and jets. Not only is it exceptionally hard to take down, loaded to the rafters with dakka (including a full flak cannon battery every bit as deadly as the ground-based version), but it also carries the final word in indiscriminate destruction – the mega bomb itself. 

I quite like this model and I have put it on my wish list.

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