Ork Stompa Conversion Kits

In their latest newsletter, Forge World have announced that they will at their Open Day show off some exciting Ork Stompa conversion kits.


First of a new set of resin upgrades for the plastic Stompa kit, we have a titan-killing Claw Arm, a new Ork Stompa Head complete with the baleful gaze of Mork (or possibly Gork) and fighting-platform jaw, and the devastating if dangerously erratic Lifta-Droppa! These wonderfully ramshackle looking sets have been designed by Stuart Williamson, with crew by Mark Bedford.

Does this mean I need to buy another Stompa?

One thought on “Ork Stompa Conversion Kits”

  1. Look how detailed the resin is compared to the plastic.
    It’s a pity they didn’t make a complete Forgeworld Stompa.

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