Grot Tank

This very neat little Grot Tank won the Silver at the Golden Demon awards at GamesDay 2006.

From the Golden Demon Display Cabinets and Forge World, photographed at GamesDay.

Very nice model.

At the recent Forge World Open Day, there were previews of some new Forge World Grot Tanks which were really nice. I am certainly thinking that having a few Grot Tanks on the battlefield would go nicely alongside my Grot Bomb Launcha and be somewhat fun.

More Orky goodness at Forge World Open Day 2010

There was more Orky goodness on show at the Forge World Open Day 2010.

As well as the already mentioned Ork Warkopta, we had:

  • Grot Tanks, small armoured vehicles with Grot Krew;
  • New weapons for the Mega Dread, I did mention at GamesDay 2009 how “feeble” the main assault arm was. So much so that when I bought my Mega Dread I bought two Kilkannon arms instead. The previewed assault arms include a mean looking buzzsaw and a tougher looking claw weapon;
  • With the release of lots of new Ork Tanks, we also saw previewed lots of new Ork Tank Kommanders;
  • Extra Ork weapons, so you can convert and adapt your Ork vehicles, a really nice idea that I have been wanting for ages;
  • As well as the Lifta Droppa for the Stompa, one for a Battlewagon was also previewed;
  • Other Stompa conversions include a mean looking belly gun.

So lots of Orky goodness and I haven’t even mentioned the Eldar Titan or the Raven Guard.

Ork Stompa Conversion Kits

In their latest newsletter, Forge World have announced that they will at their Open Day show off some exciting Ork Stompa conversion kits.


First of a new set of resin upgrades for the plastic Stompa kit, we have a titan-killing Claw Arm, a new Ork Stompa Head complete with the baleful gaze of Mork (or possibly Gork) and fighting-platform jaw, and the devastating if dangerously erratic Lifta-Droppa! These wonderfully ramshackle looking sets have been designed by Stuart Williamson, with crew by Mark Bedford.

Does this mean I need to buy another Stompa?

Imperial Tauros Assault Vehicle

Another model available at the 2010 Forge World Open Day will be the Imperial Tauros Assault Vehicle.


The Tauros Venator is but one variant of this multi-purpose assault vehicle – the ‘standard’ 4-wheel Tauros is used by the Elysian regiments as a long-range scout vehicle, mounting potent anti-personnel firepower in the form of either a Heavy Flamer or Tauros Grenade Launcher. Its four wheels are individually powered by advanced high-yield galvanic motors, allowing it to maintain speed even with damaged tyres – often a crucial edge when faced with superior enemy firepower. This detailed model, designed by Will Hayes, is a full resin kit that comes with options for a Heavy Flamer or Grenade Launcher as well as two resin crew, designed by Simon Egan. The Tauros can be transported in either a Valkyrie Sky Talon or a standard Valkyrie, which the model will physically fit into. 

I like this, probably more so than the six wheeled version.

Ork Runt Bot and Grot

Forge World have released details of their 2010 Show Only model, an Ork Runt Bot and Grot.


This fantastic figure, designed by Mark Bedford, is our exclusive Event-Only figure for 2010. Meks are always keen to test their bionik designs on the battlefield, and if no suitable ‘patients’ are available they will build a Runt Bot; a huge, clanking parody of an Ork warrior powered by a rumbling engine and directed into battle by a plucky Grot, who will be provided with a ‘kontrol pad’ for the mechanical warrior. This finely detailed and striking vignette depicts the Grot controller perched precariously on the shoulder of the Runt Bot, wrestling with the joystick in an effort to direct the shearing claws of the monstrosity. This great miniature can be used to represent a Warboss with the Bionic Body upgrade, a Nob in Mega-Armour, or simply as a centrepiece or painting project. 

Really nice model, will go on sale at next week’s Forge World Open Day.