Imperial Tauros Assault Vehicle

Another model available at the 2010 Forge World Open Day will be the Imperial Tauros Assault Vehicle.


The Tauros Venator is but one variant of this multi-purpose assault vehicle – the ‘standard’ 4-wheel Tauros is used by the Elysian regiments as a long-range scout vehicle, mounting potent anti-personnel firepower in the form of either a Heavy Flamer or Tauros Grenade Launcher. Its four wheels are individually powered by advanced high-yield galvanic motors, allowing it to maintain speed even with damaged tyres – often a crucial edge when faced with superior enemy firepower. This detailed model, designed by Will Hayes, is a full resin kit that comes with options for a Heavy Flamer or Grenade Launcher as well as two resin crew, designed by Simon Egan. The Tauros can be transported in either a Valkyrie Sky Talon or a standard Valkyrie, which the model will physically fit into. 

I like this, probably more so than the six wheeled version.

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