More Orky goodness at Forge World Open Day 2010

There was more Orky goodness on show at the Forge World Open Day 2010.

As well as the already mentioned Ork Warkopta, we had:

  • Grot Tanks, small armoured vehicles with Grot Krew;
  • New weapons for the Mega Dread, I did mention at GamesDay 2009 how “feeble” the main assault arm was. So much so that when I bought my Mega Dread I bought two Kilkannon arms instead. The previewed assault arms include a mean looking buzzsaw and a tougher looking claw weapon;
  • With the release of lots of new Ork Tanks, we also saw previewed lots of new Ork Tank Kommanders;
  • Extra Ork weapons, so you can convert and adapt your Ork vehicles, a really nice idea that I have been wanting for ages;
  • As well as the Lifta Droppa for the Stompa, one for a Battlewagon was also previewed;
  • Other Stompa conversions include a mean looking belly gun.

So lots of Orky goodness and I haven’t even mentioned the Eldar Titan or the Raven Guard.

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