Among the smallest and most numerous of Ork aircraft, the Dakkajet is built for speed and firepower, capable of unleashing devastating hails of buffets from its arsenal of quad big shootas.

There are three of these in the Wings of Vengeance boxed set. This is the painted version on the GW website.

Here is the sprue for the models. As you can see all three are on the one sprue.

I started to put all three of them together.

I like the variation included, so if I do get some more they will be different to the ones I already have, very Orky!

I decided to diverge from the instructions and I gave a couple of the models some extra bombs and rokkits.

This Dakkajet has some extra bombs.

I didn’t feel these models went together as easily and as well as other Aeronautica Imperialis I have built.

The models were then given a white undercoat. This really brings out the lovely detail in these models.

I decided that I would follow a similar process to the Air Waaagh! Fighta Bommerz which I had painted first. However I would use a different basecoat to the one I used on those planes.

Two of the planes I gave a base coat of Flash Gitz Yellow.

This is a very bright yellow and maybe a little too bright!

I painted one of the planes with Mephiston Red. I wanted to try something different with this one and it does look different to the others.

I painted the main engine, exhausts and weapons with Leadbelcher.

I painted the ordnance with Karak Stone and Averland Sunset.

I painted the rokkits on this Dakkajet with Mephiston Red.

The next stage was to use some shades to add depth, and reduce the intensity of the base colour. For the yellow planes I added some more Citadel Shades, Seraphim Sepia, though for some parts of the model I used Agrax Earthshade.

For the red plane, I used mainly Agrax Earthshade. The Seraphim Sepia didn’t really do what I needed it to in adding shadow and filling in the gaps between panels on the model.

Here is the other yellow plane.

As with my other Ork planes, I am really pleased with how these turned out.