Building the Aeronautica Imperialis Valkyrie Assault Carriers

Typically seconded to the Astra Militarum, Valkyrie Assault Carriers deliver troops directly to the front, hovering in place to provide fire support, before blasting off to take on enemy aircraft. Versatile weapon hard points allow them to be kitted out to take on a wide range of ground targets and aircraft.

I pre-ordered the boxed set of the Aeronautica Imperialis Valkyrie Assault Carriers.

These are quite fiddly models to make. There are quite a few small parts, such as the top of the cockpit and the engines. The rear tail assembly is also a bit of a challenge.

You need to ensure you have cleaned the pieces so that they fit neatly together, otherwise you will get gaps. Here are the four finished models on my workbench. I built two as Valkyrie Assault flyers and two as Vendetta Assault Carriers. The main difference between two flyers are the underwing ordnance.

Having constructed the models I gave them a white undercoat, using a white spray paint.

There are two versions you can build, the Valkyrie Assault Carrier with rocket pods or the Vendetta Assault Carriers with Lascannons.

See the Aeronautica Imperialis Valkyrie Assault Carriers workbench.

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