Epic Ork Bommerz

With a final drybrush to tone down the wash and accentuate the detail…

Epic Ork Bommerz

I have finished my Forgeworld Epic Ork Bommerz.

Epic Ork Bommerz

I did think about adding some more detail and glyphs, but thought at this small scale it may not work well, and I was pleased with the models as is. I have some metal conversions hanging around which I may try some yellow flames on.

I probably will get some more of these models.

Fanatic Magazine Issue #10

Fanatic Magazine Issue #10Got hold of the last paper based issue of Fanatic Magazine as from now on it is an online magazine.

Issue #10 is similar to the previous issues with ample enough content for the other games but never enough for a single game (and it doesn’t matter which game you play).

This issue we look at the Thorian faction in Inquisitor and the Scavvy gangs leave their mark on your games of Necromunda. There are also new rules for Blood Bowl, Battlefleet Gothic, Epic Armageddon and Mordheim.

Some nice pics in #10 of Epic stuff though.

Still missing issue #8 though…


Epic SwordwindEldar, Feral Orks and Imperial Guard Siege Infantry…

Games Workshop have released their first (and only?) supplement for Epic Armageddon, Swordwind.

I managed to get a copy at the weekend.

Swordwind is a supplement for the Epic Armageddon game system containing full rules for using Eldar, Feral Orks and the Death Korps of Krieg in your games of Epic Armageddon.

As with the Epic Armageddon rulebook it has made extensive use of the Sabretooth artwork from the CCG, I know I would have preferred more photographs of actual Epic miniatures and games. Having said that there are some really nice photos of the Eldar forces and the new Feral Orks.

I do like the steam Gargant, but I am not sure about the other new Feral Ork releases, especially when you compare them to the Forgeworld releases (which can not be used in the Feral Ork list as it stands).

The Eldar Heavy Tanks which are designed by Will Hayes are excellent and much better than previous models. As these are based on the FW designs that speaks for itself.

Overall it is a good purchase though at £12 slightly overpriced, should have been £10.

Forgeworld Newsletter #118


Time for Newsletter #118. Today we have some shiny new models to show and sell, a quick update about shows and a quick update on what we have coming out in the near future. We’re not sure on when precisely many of these models will be coming out but it’s been a while since we whetted your appetites and rest assured the Newsletter will let you know. Now on with the news!

Dean Winson.
Forge World.

Rhinoxen Cavalry
We first showed this beast in Newsletter #115 and since then people have been harassing us constantly, wanting to know when it will be released, how much it will be etc! Well today you find out. We have two variants of the Ogre Rhinox Cavalry going up for pre-order today and these things are huge! These are certainly not the immature Rhinoxen seen pulling Gnoblar Scraplaunchers into battle, these are full grown beasts of destruction none too happy at being cowed to an Ogres whim. Rules for these are currently being worked on by Phil Kelly in the Games Dev section of the Design Studio and we hope to have experimental rules up on our website very soon. It doesn’t end there though, Daniel Cockersell is working on a third model as I type, a Champion figure to lead the Ogre Cavalry to victory. We hope to have him up for pre-order soon. The link below will take you to some close up pictures of the new Rhinoxen. To see a painted version please follow the link from our online store.

Crashed Land Speeder Tempest
Continuing our range of destroyed vehicle terrain for 40K, (lets face it there’s not much better for scenery than a wrecked vehicle, especially if your opponent uses that vehicle), we have a Space Marine Land Speeder Tempest. From the damage down one side it’s clear it’s taken some serious anti-vehicle fire and from the way it’s partially buried, it certainly didn’t come down straight and gentle.

Wrecked Tau Piranha
It does seem the destroyed vehicle range has been a little one sided so far, so to balance this we have the first destroyed alien vehicle. A Tau Piranha which has taken what looks like melta weapon damage, obviously enough to knock it out of the air if not to completely destroy it. Aside from being a nice little piece of scenery, this particular model would also make a good alternative objective for a Hostage Situation mission, rather than rescuing an Ethereal from an escape capsule, you have to retrieve valuable information from the Piranha’s computer.

Forge World Show Attendance
As I mentioned in the last Newsletter, next weekend sees us at Both Salute in London and Games Day Paris. We are still taking reservations for both these shows but only until Sunday. If you want to make sure we have the models you are after at either of those events please make sure to email us by Sunday with your list. We are also taking reservations for Games Day Baltimore in the US (14th May) and Vienna Gaming Day (7/8th May).

Upcoming Releases
Chimera Spaced Armour Chapter Specific Terminator Shoulder Pads Mukaali (3 Different Trooper Variants and a Commander) Tallarn Heavy Weapon Crews Tigershark with Railguns A Special Character Tau Battlesuit Ork Battlewagons for Epic Tau Transports for BFG

Available to Pre-Order Now
The two terrain pieces and the Rhinoxen are released week commencing 16th May. We always ship out pre-orders in the same order that we receive them. What does this mean? If you pre-order early, you are one of the first people to get them, and of course we do not charge your card until we are just about to ship your order to you. These models are available to pre-order right now from our online store and over the phone.

Forge World
Games Workshop

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