New Rogal Dorn Battle Tank for the Imperial Guard

Rogal Dorn Tank

So there is a new tank coming for the Imperial Guard.

The new Rogal Dorn Battle Tank is a behemoth of a vehicle, perfectly suited for smashing enemy positions and anchoring defensive lines. Its heavy armour gives it durability worthy of the Praetorian’s name, while its powerful engines ensure it doesn’t fall behind squadrons of Leman Russ Battle Tanks.

Its turret mounts either two full-size battle cannons, or an enormous oppressor cannon. 

Like the idea of this model. A nice big Imperial tank. This is bigger than a Leman Russ, but smaller than the Baneblade.

Rogal Dorn Tank

It’s interesting that for many years Forge World produced resin tanks that were also bigger than a Leman Russ, but smaller than the Baneblade. Tanks such as the Malcador Heavy Tank

…and the Macharius Heavy Tank.

Imperial Macharius Heavy Tank
Imperial Macharius Heavy Tank

I do wonder why they decided to design a completely new tank, though I am reminded of the Imperial Guard Raganrok tank that was developed for Epic.

I suspect it might be that attempting to recreate an existing resin model in plastic was challenging, and to ensure that the sprues would fit in the box they needed to start from scratch.

Having said that, as I said I do like this model.  Also I like that the kit comes with tons of detail parts, so you can add tool stowage, track links, and other bits and bobs all over the chassis, as well as a range of weapon options.

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