Campaign weary Rogal Dorn Battle Tank

So, we know there is a new tank coming for the Imperial Guard.

Rogal Dorn Tank

The new Rogal Dorn Battle Tank is a behemoth of a vehicle, perfectly suited for smashing enemy positions and anchoring defensive lines. Its heavy armour gives it durability worthy of the Praetorian’s name, while its powerful engines ensure it doesn’t fall behind squadrons of Leman Russ Battle Tanks.

In a recent post on the Warhammer Community we learnt a little more about the kit and how the model goes together.

As I read the article it got me thinking about building a camping weary Rogal Dorn tank, a fighting vehicle that has been out in the field for a while.

It’s also the first time we’ve shown proper suspension on a tank kit, so you can leave off the side skirts and see the wheels. 

Now this is interesting, I quite like the idea of modelling the tank without skirts, maybe they got lost during a firefight.

The stowage is also really versatile – there are plenty of sandbags, packs, tools, and oil canisters – but we’ve been careful with the sizing so they fit in lots of different places. 

I like this idea, I can see how this will allow you to create a tank which has been on a long campaign. Covered in stowage and personal belongings. This isn’t a parade ready tank, this is a fighting vehicle that has been fighting for a long time.

I suspect it won’t be long before it’s available in pre-order.

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