Undercoating another Plastic Deimos Pattern Rhino

The Rhino is the most widely used armoured personnel carrier in the Imperium. Based on ancient STC technology, the fundamental design is robust, reliable, and easy to maintain, with an adaptive power plant that can run off a wide variety of fuels.

I bought the plastic Deimos Pattern Rhino when it came out in the summer, you can see the workbench for that Rhino here.  I was lucky enough to get a second Rhino for a Christmas present. The model has many more parts and is a more detailed kit than the original plastic Rhino kit that came out in the 1980s. I constructed the model to the instructions, though I left the tracks off to paint separately.

I gave the model an undercoat of Citadel White Scar.

I think if I was to get a third model, I might get the Forge World doors to go with it. I also like the idea of making it campaign weary with stowage and some battle damage. Another idea I had was to do an ACAV version similar to the M113 ACAV which was used in Vietnam.

See the workbench feature on the Deimos-pattern Rhino II.

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