Epic Ork Great Gargants on eBay

Now sold.

OOP Space Marine Epic Space Ork Great Gargant

Epic Space Ork Great Gargant

This is an OOP Epic Space Ork Great Gargant metal model. it is still bare metal, but looks like it was put together using some kind of epoxy resin which would need to be cleaned off before assembly and painting.
The Great Gargant is the most powerful of all Space Ork Mekboy inventions. It’s vast body houses a multitude of orky engines, generators and dynamos. These power its frightening array of awesome weaponry. Mega-cannon mounted in its belly and on its arm blast its foes with massive destructive power. The Super Lifta-Droppa can popund armoured enemies into the ground. The Gork Head has massive Traktor Cannons mounted in the eye sockets to drag its opponents to their certain doom.

Model designed by Kevin Adams. The box contains one complete unassembled and unpainted Ork Great Gargant. The model requires assembly and painting. There is some old glue on the model.


New Sealed Epic 40000 Space Ork Great Gargant on eBay.

This is an OOP Epic 40000 Space Ork Great Gargant metal model. It is still shrink wrapped and is as new.

Great Gargants are gigantic Ork war engines. Only the mightiest of Ork Warbosses are powerful enough to have their Mekboyz create such awesome machines of destruction for them. These heavily armoured monstrosities lead the Ork mobz into battle using their huge guns to pound their enemies into oblivion.

Model designed by Dave Andrews. This is suitable for Space Marine, Epic, Epic 40000 and Epic Armageddon. The box contains one complete Ork Great Gargant. The model requires assembly and painting.


Note I will ship worldwide, message me on eBay and I will add you to an exemption list allowing you to bid.


Epic SwordwindEldar, Feral Orks and Imperial Guard Siege Infantry…

Games Workshop have released their first (and only?) supplement for Epic Armageddon, Swordwind.

I managed to get a copy at the weekend.

Swordwind is a supplement for the Epic Armageddon game system containing full rules for using Eldar, Feral Orks and the Death Korps of Krieg in your games of Epic Armageddon.

As with the Epic Armageddon rulebook it has made extensive use of the Sabretooth artwork from the CCG, I know I would have preferred more photographs of actual Epic miniatures and games. Having said that there are some really nice photos of the Eldar forces and the new Feral Orks.

I do like the steam Gargant, but I am not sure about the other new Feral Ork releases, especially when you compare them to the Forgeworld releases (which can not be used in the Feral Ork list as it stands).

The Eldar Heavy Tanks which are designed by Will Hayes are excellent and much better than previous models. As these are based on the FW designs that speaks for itself.

Overall it is a good purchase though at £12 slightly overpriced, should have been £10.

Ork Objectives

Still looking for ideas…

Out there quite a few people are building objectives for games of Epic Armageddon, a good example of this is the Dropship website.

I have decided to make some Ork objectives, so far I have started on a watchtower and am aiming to make a few more such as a crashed spaceship, a large Krooz Missile, a junk heap, and a Gargant (half-made or semi-destroyed – is there a difference).

Finally got my copy…

But it’s not as though I was over eager really…

Well I finally managed to get a copy of the Epic Armageddon rulebook…

This sounds like I was desperate to get a copy and that I had searched high and low! Well the reality was when the rulebook came out I did try and get a copy, but my local GW had none in stock (allegedly they had sold them to all the staff). I know I could have purchased a copy by Mail Order, but when I did my last GW Mail Order I got some fantasy orcs instead!

Today I popped into one of my local GW stores and they had a few copies, so I thought oh go on get a copy, so I did.

It is really really nicely put together and I was impressed.

What was also nice was that I was only charged £20 (rather than the list price of £25).

The manager complained as too many people were buying it and he was having to order more copies!

A friend of mine (in a different GW store) was initially charged £40, then £60 came up on the till before eventully he was charged £20 also!