Epic SwordwindEldar, Feral Orks and Imperial Guard Siege Infantry…

Games Workshop have released their first (and only?) supplement for Epic Armageddon, Swordwind.

I managed to get a copy at the weekend.

Swordwind is a supplement for the Epic Armageddon game system containing full rules for using Eldar, Feral Orks and the Death Korps of Krieg in your games of Epic Armageddon.

As with the Epic Armageddon rulebook it has made extensive use of the Sabretooth artwork from the CCG, I know I would have preferred more photographs of actual Epic miniatures and games. Having said that there are some really nice photos of the Eldar forces and the new Feral Orks.

I do like the steam Gargant, but I am not sure about the other new Feral Ork releases, especially when you compare them to the Forgeworld releases (which can not be used in the Feral Ork list as it stands).

The Eldar Heavy Tanks which are designed by Will Hayes are excellent and much better than previous models. As these are based on the FW designs that speaks for itself.

Overall it is a good purchase though at £12 slightly overpriced, should have been £10.