Epic Ork Great Gargant

I got this metal Epic Great Ork Gargant model when Space Marine came out in 1989. I have recently rescanned the original photograph.

It was an all metal kit, with the main body comprising three parts, with then  parts for the weapons (arms), feet, belly weapon and gunhead.

I really like this model and only really got it on the gaming table with Epic 40000. I know most Epic players don’t like Epic 40000, but it is my personal favourite of all the Epic games produced by Games Workshop.

I know there was a resin hybrid metal kit of this gargant, which didn’t get a wide retail release. This was a much easier kit to put together (and wasn’t as heavy, which I am not sure is a good or a bad thing.

I was disappointed with the metal Epic 4000o Ork Gargant, it never was as good as this one. It was also surprisingly more challenging to put together.

Of course with the focus on the Horus Heresy, we’re not going to see a Legion Imperialis version of the Ork Great Gargant. I would really like to see a modern version of this model. We know Forge World in the past may have produced something like this, though they never did for Epic, they have done retro versions of the Space Marine Land Raider and Rhino.

Epic Ork Great Gargants on eBay

Now sold.

OOP Space Marine Epic Space Ork Great Gargant

Epic Space Ork Great Gargant

This is an OOP Epic Space Ork Great Gargant metal model. it is still bare metal, but looks like it was put together using some kind of epoxy resin which would need to be cleaned off before assembly and painting.
The Great Gargant is the most powerful of all Space Ork Mekboy inventions. It’s vast body houses a multitude of orky engines, generators and dynamos. These power its frightening array of awesome weaponry. Mega-cannon mounted in its belly and on its arm blast its foes with massive destructive power. The Super Lifta-Droppa can popund armoured enemies into the ground. The Gork Head has massive Traktor Cannons mounted in the eye sockets to drag its opponents to their certain doom.

Model designed by Kevin Adams. The box contains one complete unassembled and unpainted Ork Great Gargant. The model requires assembly and painting. There is some old glue on the model.


New Sealed Epic 40000 Space Ork Great Gargant on eBay.

This is an OOP Epic 40000 Space Ork Great Gargant metal model. It is still shrink wrapped and is as new.

Great Gargants are gigantic Ork war engines. Only the mightiest of Ork Warbosses are powerful enough to have their Mekboyz create such awesome machines of destruction for them. These heavily armoured monstrosities lead the Ork mobz into battle using their huge guns to pound their enemies into oblivion.

Model designed by Dave Andrews. This is suitable for Space Marine, Epic, Epic 40000 and Epic Armageddon. The box contains one complete Ork Great Gargant. The model requires assembly and painting.


Note I will ship worldwide, message me on eBay and I will add you to an exemption list allowing you to bid.

Warlord Titan

With Apocalypse being the buzz expansion of the moment, of course everyone is talking titans…

Using titans in Warhammer games is not a new thing though, the Forge World titans have been around for quite a few years now.

Before them we had the Armorcast models (and if I could find one at a reasonable price I would certainly get an Armorcast Great Gargant, if only so Simon’s new BaneBlade could blow it up!)

At GamesDay 2001 there was this very nice Warlord Titan which was being used more for display than gaming, but was still very impressive.

Warlord Titan

More pictures of Titans.