Finally got my copy…

But it’s not as though I was over eager really…

Well I finally managed to get a copy of the Epic Armageddon rulebook…

This sounds like I was desperate to get a copy and that I had searched high and low! Well the reality was when the rulebook came out I did try and get a copy, but my local GW had none in stock (allegedly they had sold them to all the staff). I know I could have purchased a copy by Mail Order, but when I did my last GW Mail Order I got some fantasy orcs instead!

Today I popped into one of my local GW stores and they had a few copies, so I thought oh go on get a copy, so I did.

It is really really nicely put together and I was impressed.

What was also nice was that I was only charged £20 (rather than the list price of £25).

The manager complained as too many people were buying it and he was having to order more copies!

A friend of mine (in a different GW store) was initially charged £40, then £60 came up on the till before eventully he was charged £20 also!

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