Downed Valkyrie

Forge World have announced a new piece of scenery, a downed Valkyrie flyer.

Downed Valkyrie

This large scenery piece would make a great objective to fight over in games of 40K, or perhaps even in a scenario where the surviviors of the crash-landing have to avoid capture and fight their way out of enemy held territory! (Yes, I get excited by new models. Did you not know that by now?) This Valkyrie has certainly taken quite a pounding, with the fuselage riddled with bullet holes and several huge holes in the remains of the port wing. The interior is still fully detailed but half-filled with dirt after the forced landing.

I really like the downed Valkyrie, though I would have thought the front of the craft would have been more damaged in the “crash”.

I also like the fact at £36 it is half the price of an undamaged flyer.

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