Ork Nob Warbike

On display at GamesDay 2008 were Forge World’s Ork Nob Warbikers. This is one of the three that make up the £50.90 set.


Now I do like the model in the photograph, however I was less of a fan of the others in the set. Now I do buy Forge World models, but at £50.90 I think that the set is a little overpriced; hey even the plastic Ork Warbiker Mob at £22.50 is in my opinion not that good value for money!

From a gaming perspective, the Ork Warbiker is a mean unit, how do I know, I have a unit of Deffkoptaz.

Thinking about getting the new Ork Mega-Force from Games Workshop which comes with nine Warbikes. Still won’t get the resin Nob Bikers from Forge World though.

More photographs of Ork Bikerz.

Urban Barricade with Space Marine Bike

When Games Workshop released Cities of Death, they released a set of resin Urban Barricades and Walls. Unlike the Urban Basing Kit it is still available at the time of writing. You got six barricades and they blended in nicely with the plastic ruins which were also released with Cities of Death.

They are very well detailed. This is probably my favourite with the wrecked Space Marine bike in the barricade.

First was a black undercoat. I gave the barricades a Codex Grey drybrush, this was quite a heavy drybrush.

The next stage was to paint and drybrush certain areas. The main part of the bike’s body was painted dark green and the tyres were given a brown drybrush. Rust was added to various bits of the barricade.

The earthy sections were drybrushed with Scorched Brown paint. The bike’s metal parts were drybrushed with Tin Bitz and Boltgun Metal.

See the full workbench feature on this barricade and on all my barricades.